Dale Spaulding

dale  started  the besness  1971  he asked  his dad for  a lone of 120.00  to buy  the first train  sets  then it  started 4 train sets and a little  track  and it is  what it is today 

JD spaulding 

jd  is   dale  grand son  and  willing to lern from evry   one   he  nows  legacy  and loves trains 

zachary Woirhaye

Zachary  he is the dcc technician.  he is very knowledgeable  in  dcs  dcc and legacy  he loves trains a lot and has quit the collection . bin working her  for the past  7 yer and is willing to learn new things.

the Scott girls

this is the Scott girls   They  like to work  her and they  are fun to hang around  .